You didn’t set the alarm. But you find yourself awake, the wavering step to the kitchen searching for the only thing in the world  that can soothe you. Coffee. Your head is attached on your neck, you know because it hurts so much. The veins in my temples stand out as if the sins of the night before were trying to get out all together from a too tiny space to contain them all. Puffy eyes, blurred vision, but finally you find the lighter. And this is the first good news of the day. The battle is epic, you put your feet down, you bend over, move your hand into position and helping yourself with a battle cry more similar to a growl, you start exercise all the strength you have around those two metal pieces screwed together. It doesn’t give up, it makes you sweat, but with one last desperate torsion of your hands at the end it breaks, finally letting you have the hope that the day will start in a while. The coffee machine is defeated. With all your focus, you try to coordinate the hand that uses the lighter and the one that tries to make the gas work. A hot flush. A glow, blue like the sky. You did it. Now sit and collect your thoughts while you enjoy the victory. A cup of that dark magic is finally in your hands.

First sip and it’s paradise. After the second you come back on Earth, but the world seems again a beautiful place to live. In that moment of everlasting enjoyment you notice that something lights the smoky cup up. Carelessly you turn your sore neck, your eyes squint in a contemplative way and you find yourself watching a familiar, but unexpected dance of sparkly powder next to the closed window. It takes a while to process the information. Then you understand… in those four steps from the table to the window, you catch up with the ancient calm optimism that used to make your breath taken the Christmas morning, you perfectly know that beyond this boarder that separates the view from the awareness, you’ll find the perfection of an unique moment, now as it was then, your breath is stuck in your throat. But now it doesn’t matter anymore, you’re arrived….3…2…1…. you open the window.

The room  turns on with a white explosion of light that makes the pupils getting smaller. You knew it, you definitely knew it! But while your eyes are adapting to their new life, you enjoy the experience. Your lips curl, nostrils get wider, you smile and breathe the smell of the snow. You raise your face to enjoy more the warmth of the sun and when you are finally able to open you eyelids, all the boundless power of that vision that illuminates you, throwing you light years away from the dramatic experience of the awakening. The sky is blue  just like during the winter, the white mantle that caresses the horizon lights up millions of small fires that shine under the sun. You congratulate God for those six days of hard work, however today is the seventh, from here on out it’s my turn.

Just rest God and thank for all.

I go to wake the others up, today we go “snowboarding”!

By Andrea Piras

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