I saw pink salmons wearing turtlenecks with Christmas print and get back to the path to go in cabin in order to drink a Ciobar. I saw polar bears turning up their hole thermostat and sitting on wicker chairs while playing “guess who”. I saw strangers beyond boarder arriving to Carosello 3000, except for turning around screaming “why the hell are we doing this?”. I can’t understand if my disappointed mind was taking refuge in picturesque hallucinations or if the world was really spinning backwards, the fact is that the weather was so shitty that I wasn’t even able to say if those 140 heroes in the ring were real or figment of my imagination. Skiers and snowboarders hand in hand for one day, in order to share equally the slaps of the weather and the ones of the monsters in defense of the path, whose nonsense was only great as the courage of the wannabe guardians and as their willingness to defeat the time as well as the weather. Because the “ The guardian” is not just the classic “end of the season event”.
It is much more than this, it is the event for those who consider the mountain and the sport you can do there in a special way. For those who don’t care and don’t take themselves seriously. For those who still consider chilling together and mess around the most important thing. Even if the sun had a day off, people was exulting opening bottles of beer, glued to the fingers by the cold. Music was pumping, sausages were jumping on the grill and the lips were so smiling, that you could see teeth white as the sky above them. The Snowboard spirit was safe even this year, especially this year. And after the epic afternoon deeds, the party started with an atomic explosion of dust and phosphorescent corn. So much that air traffic above Livigno had to be stopped, like during the worst Icelandic eruptions.
The only things allowed to attempt to take off were spritz, that were flying above the by now pink heads of people and that were detonating with their alcoholic load in the throats, parched because of the laughs due to the break dance competition. In this legendary mess also the rings could find the right pinky to wear, establishing all the winner in every category. They are rightly celebrated by the people in the audience, with a slap compilation and vaporized by the fire extinguisher with energetic fluo waves in the middle of their face. Air, at the end unbreathable by the fine dust, forced everyone to a quick retreat, but the hundreds of “see you later”, 400 people meet again for the final party at Marco’s Pub. Since now the images in my mind start again blending in with the hallucination of the beginning, but this time I perfectly know why…
Braulio. Anyway people were jumping under console, someone was making out and the salmons and the polar bears were trying to crush the party apologizing because they didn’t come before. The guardian 2015 is filed with some regrets because of the infamous weather, but with the big awareness that our way of living snowboard can always win on everything.
Thanks to all of you, who believe in this project and don’t stop in front of anything, whatever it takes to mess around!! See you next year!!







testo e foto: Andrea Piras – video: Rusty Toothbrush – art direction: Isacco Mantegazza, Luca Cozzi –  pro rider invitation: Andrea Bergamschi partner: Carosello 3000 – co-sponsor Volcom – Grazie a tutti i collaboratori e ci vediamo alla prossima edizione! Per lo salvare lo snowboard, questo e tanto altro! #funkysnowboards #theguardianring