The Old school day in Livigno is a magical day that throws us back to the eighties to relive the golden atmosphere in which snowboarding was born. In this particular day, in fact, a bunch of contemporaneity opponents pours on the ski slopes of Livigno, perfectly dressed out to the nines with impeccable outfits straight out from the Vanzina brothers’ first movies. The most daring, against any sophisticated modernism, only use hard boards and ski suits that have completely lost their waterproof properties, scoffing at young snowboarders with their comfortable soft boots and their technical clothing, very advanced from the functional point of view but drasticaslly lacking in swag. It is not uncommon to see rare memorabilia such as the Barilla head bands, some of the first historical models of Funky snowboards, garments of brands now disappeared but not forgotten, and sunglasses worthy of the Randy Savage of the best years. But above all the thing that binds this group of nostalgic is the desire to make some noise and have fun all together on the slopes, without caring too much about the technical level of the tricks, the perfection of the outfit, the size of the jumps. It’s just about having fun.
Ah, and obviously you get to do a lot of methods.