The Guardian was born in order to reunite all the more fearless snowboarders on the top of a mountain to conquer and protect the ring ,that contains the snowboard spirit. During its third edition one hundred riders challenged on the guardian path, full of pitfalls and monsters that, with the adverse climatic conditions, severely tested all the participants. The competition went on stage during a frizzing day of April on the top of Carosello 3000, in a surreal atmosphere, where the street- art of Zoow24 and Avido met the snow building built by the “The Beach” shaper and the music of Tilt and dj Machete alternated between one run and another. The contest declared Elio Fumagalli as the new Guardian, a peerage bound by a ring forged in the Nove25 labs, awarded and validated by a tattoo realized at 3000 m high between the flying of Funky and Drago flags. The title will be up for grabs again next winter, during the new The Guardian edition, which Funky Snowboard and Carosello 3000 have already promised to prepare in a volcanic way.


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ph: Andrea Piras Dailypit