From latin memorabilis, keeping in memory, the funky streetwear collection wants to pay tribute to all those subcultures of the 80s and 90s that in the era before the global connection manifested exclusively in the typical underground shop that every city had, where kids used to waste hours watching the covers of trash metal vinyls, improbable gadget collections, and weird t-shirts. The homage is addressed to these alternative temples that today are unfortunately going extinct, and in the few pieces that compose the collection, simple but with a strong personality, you can find references to pop graphics, to the skateboarding core world, to the covers of metal, punk and grunge vynils, to the ironic t-shirt designs, and to splatter underground magazines that you could only find there.

video filming & editing:
Achille Mauri

photo by:
Andrea Piras

Aino Vierimaa, Ruben Spelta, Stefano Rauzi

in collaboration with:
Reina Olga beachwear